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Nala offers flavour combinations you won't find anywhere else: Flavours that let you experience chocolate in a whole new way.

Nala chocolate tastes so uniquely because of the choice of ingredients, the small production made by hand and the ingenious recipes. 

Chocolate coatings: 

I use chocolate coatings of which I am convinced of the quality and production method. Most of the cocoa I use comes from the Dominican Republic, from the ChobaChoba project (source: Felchlin). Some chocolate coatings come from Madagascar and Ghana and are UTZ certified (Carma). 


I use as little sugar as possible and experiment with xylitol and cane sugar.  



I obtain the spices from selected traders who are in contact with their producers and suppliers. Fresh ingredients are, whenever possible, organic and purchased locally.



Many of my products are vegan. Where it makes sense, I use cream and butter (organic, paste). Vegan products are labelled accordingly.

Information for allergic persons:

The products contain nuts or traces of nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts). If you want to avoid dairy products, stick to the products marked as vegan. Wheat is nowhere to be found in my manufactory. 


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