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Each month I offer two to three specials. These can be ordered in cardboard boxes of each 6 pieces. As of September 2019 handmade and refillable wooden boxes will be available.


Box of 6 pieces for 14 Swiss francs (mixed or one flavour)

Click here for the current specials


Peru's Treasures
Cut praline with coffee and chocolate from Peru.
Chinese Heritage
Velvety praline filled with Pu Err tea flavour.
Champagner Truffles
Dark champagne truffles in powdered sugar coating.
Spicy Oranges
Oranges with cardamom on almond ganache with masala. Vegan.
Diamond Hearts
Sparkling hearts filled with passion fruit ganache. Vegan.
Drops of Love
Small chocolate hearts filled with raspberry jelly. Vegan.
Snow Ball Truffles
White truffles with ruby bergamot ganache.
Rosemary Caramel
Caramel praline with fresh rosemary.
May Beetle
Chestnut ganache with sea buckthorn and spices. Also vegan.
Summer Breeze
With apricot filling and thyme. Vegan.
Basil's Marriage
Refreshing basil cream with pink pepper syrup. Vegan.
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