nala the chocolate queen.     Shireen S. von Schulthess

Ausserfeldstrasse 8,    CH 8911 Rifferswil.    Tel +41 79 427 77 44

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Indulge in delicious chocolate and feel connected.

Flavours are my passion. For years I have loved to experiment with various taste essences and to find new creations. I think in “flavour rooms” and develop combinations that open new doors in taste. 

Since I started exploring the world of the cocoa bean, my passion for chocolate has grown steadily. I love to use this special food to develop products that are balanced, unique and touch the hearts of the palate. 

Born under the sign of the lion, I have chosen the name nala (the lioness in Swahili) for my chocolate creations. 

Would you like to know more about me? Get in touch. 
I am more than happy to welcome you to my manufactory (upon advance notice please). There is always something fresh to try. Immerse yourself in a world of pleasure that touches your heart.

Intense, personal, mindful. 

Shireen C. von Schulthess

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