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Sélection Valentine

For Valentine's Day we're back with the much loved Drops of Love. Small as they are, they have a raspberry jelly filling. And since they're so small, three count as one praline.

New to the praline range are Spicy Love,  offering a special taste experience with different types of pepper. 

Persian Gold is also new: a creation with Persian saffron, velvety soft and strong in taste. 

Diamond Hearts are a long runner and so popular that they should not be missing for Valentine's Day. 


Box of 6 with transparent lid: 16 Swiss francs

Box of 9 with transparent lid: 24 Swiss francs

16 piece wooden box made of ash wood, refillable: 44 Swiss francs


Diamond Hearts
Sparkling hearts filled with a passionfruit ganache. Vegan.
Drops of Love
Small chocolate hearts filled with raspberry jelly. Vegan.
Drunken Yuzu
A truffle with Yuzu-Sake-Liquorice and and Yuzu juice. Wonderfully creamy. Vegan.
Japanese Blossom
A ganache with Bloodorange-Sake-Liquor covered with Ruby Chocolate.
Lemongrass Dream
A fresh caramel with lemongrass.
Mount Rigi
Lemon praline with Mountrigi liquor (
Persian Gold
Fresh yoghurt taste with saffron and pistachio.
Spicy Love
Cassis combined with four different types of pepper and chili.
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